Wednesday, 14 September 2011

i sort of lost my job

well only one day.  about a year ago i had to move back to my original library where i have a .6 permanent job and was offered one day at the parks to retain my hours and fill in coz they don't have enough cs staff. i'd been at the parks for 14 years full time but on a contract.  there has been a lot of press about the centre closing down as the land and buildings are owned by the state govt. and the local govt. leases the building for the library.  it's complicated.  i had a meeting yesterday and thought my contract was going to be extended for 6 months instead of the usual 2 years which is ok as i expect the centre will hang in there for a while. they are talking about building a new library and sports centre but info changes weekly and there is so much going on i can't keep up.  not so.  i've lost my day at the parks.  i'm very sad.  oh well.  at least i'll have tuesdays off now and i'll have less money.  maybe if i can kick the ebay habit i won't notice the difference.  :)
it's my day off today and i'm going to lunch with my son and dil.  that will be nice. how cute is this little felted cat?


  1. The cat is cute. I hope things work out for you financially... :-)

  2. Sorry to hear abut your job. I hope they re employ you when they have got the building sorted, Oh well you have another day off.

  3. Pleased to read your finger has improved.

    Dear me sorry to hear you are free on Tuesdays now, maybe something will crop up for you unexpectedly. One door closes and another one opens :)

  4. thanks guys. i'll be ok. :) as Margaret says, one door closes and another one opens. :)

  5. Sorry to hear about the job. It may be less money but it's a whole day free for yourself!

    Love the kitty!


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