Friday, 23 September 2011

i thought so

 a while ago i posted this photo.  the caption said it was a castle in ireland.  strange that i'd never seen it before as it is so unique and certainly unusual. it looked like it was photoshopped.  

well sure enough, i found this today from a travel site.  it's Phang Nga Bay in Phuket Thailand.

it just goes to show that everything on the internet is true  :)


  1. Isn't the interent always truthful?

  2. Amazing how that stays there....thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog...
    I hope you are well and enjoying your day off in the week, and that your finger is better :)

  4. hi Margaret. it's always good to visit your blog as i love your photos and reading about your travels. finger is completely healed. :) just a bad memory now. hope you are well too

  5. I am good thanks..
    You get better and I am sorry to read that you had a little op, hope all turns out well for you.
    Have a good weekend...yes a holiday down here too :)

  6. Thinking of you Yevisha and hoping the best outcomes for your health. I couldn't leave a comment on your blog about your op, so being cheeky and leaving it here ;-)

  7. thank you Matthew, Margaret and everyone for your kind thoughts re my health. :)


thanks for visiting. :)