Sunday, 9 June 2013

back to work and anonymous comments

i went back to work and all i can say is yuck. well, i could say a whole lot more than that but i won't. the customer services team that i am now a part of covers 13 million tasks.  on going day to day maintenance of the library. brochures are but one of them. we have trillions of brochures.  the worst part is that i am now sharing a work station with someone else.  it's not mine and i feel a bit out of it.  i was given a project which was to sort out the new stationery cupboard.  that's a challenge for sure.  we are also doing two hour desk shifts now.  with the bursitis in my hip which makes walking and standing difficult, this is yet another challenge that i must face.  let's just say that i'm not a happy camper.  enough about work.

i am getting anonymous comments on my blog that are obviously spam.  are you getting any?

on a much more positive note (or maybe not) i'm going to a ukulele workshop today in north adelaide.  my friend is going with me.  they advertise that we will be rock stars at the end of the two hours and will be able to play the secret z chord.  ha i thought, a likely story.

i caught up with my daughter and g/kids yesterday for lunch and shopping which was interesting.  did i tell you she's pregnant again?  i don't think i did.  the baby is a boy and is due in december.

i went for my cancer check this week and great news, no cancer and i don't have to go back for twelve months.  so that was my week.  some good, some bad.  pretty normal really.

this is me after three and a half days at the asylum, i mean work. i''m only 34


  1. Congratulations on those ukulele classes. Never too late to learn something new, right. Yes, I get lots of spam and spend time every week deleting it. But I prefer this to word verification for my followers.

  2. I am there with Stephen (if I may be so bold to be on a first name basis!)... i don;t mind deleting spam( at this point-LOL)..
    bugger to hear about your work... sharing desks is a bit crap :-(

  3. Glad you got the all clear!
    Shame you have to share a desk...
    Spam...I just delete them, they seem to have a go on some pages then leave them alone. Well that what happens with mine.

  4. I don't know if I would like sharing my work station, hell I don't like it when other people touch my computer desk it is my deska and my oragized mess........

    Spam yeah I get them I just go and delete them they are the only comments I delete..............though...........

  5. Sorry to hear about your situation at work. Roll on retirement. Glad to hear you got the okay for the cancer check. I ended up changing my comment settings so that I don't get spam. I don't need word verification either. You have to check "registered uses only" which means bloggers can comment and anyone with a gmail address but robots can't.

  6. cool, thanks Diane, i'll check it out


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