Monday, 3 June 2013

my didgeridoo

i have very little to blog about but i'll jot down a few things.  did i tell you i bought a didge in cairns?  i can't remember.  my dil bought my son one too.  great place in the night markets.  he makes his own and paints them beautifully.  i can play it.  yes, i can.  :)  can i play it well?  no way.  i can't get the circular breathing thing happening but i am practicing. my son, on the other hand, is really good.  he hasn't got the breathing exactly right but he's very good.  i'll post a video when i can get my shyte together.  which brings me on to my next topic.  i go back to work on wednesday next and all i can say is ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  it seems ages since i was there and i'm sure i'm not ready.  bring on april next i say (retirement here i come).  they have changed my role completely and we have about four new staff members.  all of our teams and desks have been changed around.  another ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.  but, being the positive little blogger that i am i'm sure that a) i'll have no trouble waking up to the alarm, jumping into the shower and getting myself orjanized.  (sic)  i've been keeping very late hours and waking up really late and eating at odd hours and just bumming around, and b) everything will turn out splendidly.   i hope i am more together when i retire or i will go to seed very quickly.  well, i suppose it's not quite as bad as all that but i need to get my shyte together.  yes i do.  :)  a few pics follow but before i go, is anyone else unable to change their blog around? edit backgrounds etc?  oh yes, i made soup last night and the green split dried peas are undercooked and have spoilt the whole batch.  i'm about to make some ricotta cheese and yoghurt.  wish me luck  :)  
my son playing both of our didges.  mine is the smaller one on the right

a colourful owl for cookie


  1. You are clever to be able to blow into a didgeridoo, I can't do that! Have fun.
    Work, what is that? It's good to be retired, and we both retired young, could say we were lucky!

  2. hee hee you are so funny. It is easy to get lazy in retirement but what the hec we should do what we feel like doing. However, I try to keep my body and mind active but I'm not sure why.


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