Friday, 24 May 2013

birthdays and dinner

it was Maz's birthday on the 22 of this month and as she was away we spoke on the phone and arranged to meet for dinner tonight to celebrate her birthday.  i'm usually away when her b/day comes around.  we went to my favourite balinese/indonesian restaurant pondok bali.  we had one of the banquets.  sate chicken and spring rolls, chicken soup, yellow fish, sanur chicken, garlic prawns, beef rendang, spicy vegies with rice.  phew.  the most delicious food ever.  for dessert we had coconut pancakes with icecream.  yum.  nice wine too, a sweet riesling.  i don't remember the name of it but it was very nice.  when i got home i made some decaf coffee.  they are going to sydney soon for a long weekend.  i offered to mind Maz's little doggie Bo,  he's adorable.  he loves me.  we had a great evening and i'm really sleepy now.  too much delicious food :)


  1. What a wonderful meal...glad you enjoyed your night. Dogs are good company, have fun looking after Bo....

  2. Sorry for taking a while to get here, have to say the meal sounded good and that you had a good night


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