Saturday, 31 January 2015


i visited my daughter and g/kids today and took them to lunch.  we shopped a little bit which is always nice.  i bought a waffle maker.  i made some waffles and they tasted quite ok.  i also purchased a new bottle of white musk from the body shop.  my favourite.  it was lovely to see the g/kids especially bubs.  he's such a lovely little thing, he laughed and laughed.  he enjoys it when i cover my face, uncover it and say boo.  i fed him his lunch and had a cuddle.  he's a little sweetie and doesn't like to be still much.  when he crawls he travels really fast.  he takes steps in his play pen but not when he's on the floor.  i don't see them enough.


  1. Darling little one. Great to see the grandchildren and it's good for us for now we can see them often that they live in our city.
    Hope your waffles go ok..

  2. He is gorgeous and I bet you loved those cuddles.


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