Monday, 12 January 2015

my new phone plan

i've been with tpg for my internet for many years.  my plan ran out years ago so i just pay by the month.  lately it's been sooooooo slow.  is it my plan or my computer?  this is the million dollar question. my friend just signed up with tpg for his phone and internet.  it's a pretty good plan but as there have always been no ports available at my exchange i've been unable to get it.  the other day i rang tpg and spoke to a lovely woman in the philippines.  i just wanted to get more data but she said i can get this plan now.  well, i said are you sure coz tpg have told me for years that it's not available to me.  apparently it is and i'm waiting for it all to be connected.  i still am in doubt as to it's availability.  i will wait and see and hope i'm wrong.

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  1. Good luck with it then. We can't get lots of other companies down here with internet, we can get a few but I always stick with Telstra, that way I know we are covered due to our terrain.


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