Friday, 16 January 2015

a confession

do you want to hear a funny story?  yes.  read on.  when i returned from perth i was surprised and very pleased to see that the lemon tree the kids gave me was looking oh so healthy.  i fed it before i left with granule fertiliser i got in the supermarket.  well, my neighbour came out today when i got home and asked me how my lemon tree was.  strange question i thought and what a coincidence.  you can see where this is going can't you?  well, as a matter of fact it looks fab, come in and have a look i said.  it was then that she confessed that she'd given it some concentrated seasol.   she did look a bit sheepish and said if it died she wouldn't have confessed.  lol.  before i left i thought it would die it looked so sick.  we both had a good laugh

healthy growth 

i found this in the garden recently.  it belonged to my mother.  i'd like to restore it


  1. That's interesting about your lemon tree. Looks ok, and I love lemons.
    Well how come those things of your mother's were in the garden I wonder and exactly what are they?

    1. hi M, i should have explained it's a wind chime but the chimes have broken off. it's very old. i have the chimes so just need to try to put it back together. it shouldn't be too difficult. :)

    2. Oh ok, I can see that it is a wind chime now......thanks :)


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