Thursday, 1 October 2015

one last chance

i bought a tomato plant yesterday and planted it today.  here's hoping i don't fail again as this is the last time i'll plant tomatoes if i do.  i buy a tomato plant or two every year and every year i have little or no success.  the fact that i get very little sun in my yard has everything to do with it i feel.  i use to grow tomatoes at the old house and had moderate success.  my bil grows the most amazing tomatoes ever.  such flavour.  delicious.  i think tomatoes have to be in my top ten favourite foods.  fresh tomato on toast with pepper and salt are one of my simple pleasures.   yum.  wish me luck  :)


  1. Well good luck. Love freshly picked tomatoe on bread like you do...
    As you know they do love the sun....
    Hope you are well....

  2. thank you. i suppose i should feed it now.


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