Monday, 26 October 2015

a lazy sunday

i did very little yesterday except have a nana nap and eat stuff.  i repotted a few plants.  nothing too strenuous.  liz went to stay with her sil on friday and is coming back today.  i saw the kids on saturday and that's about all really.  my daughter is a bit better but not much.  kids are ok and bubs is talking so much lately.  he's been saying thank you for ages.  and ta.  he's adorable of course.  :)  i have a health assessment tomorrow and liz has arranged outings and visits for the rest of her stay.  she goes home on the 2nd of november.  she bought extra baggage as usual and i think she'll need it.  she loves to shop :)


  1. Hope you get on ok with your health assessment..
    The little ones do say some lovely things at times, it's a pleasure to listen to them :)
    Hope you are ok!

    1. hi Margaret, i might have to cancel the health assessment. little ones are a pleasure that's for sure. hope you are well. :) xxx


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