Monday, 13 July 2015

what me worry, never

i'm feeling better again today so going into work this arvo.  i am picking up a car seat for the baby this afternoon after work too.  my friend's mum, who he cares for, is not doing very well atm.  he was going to go to vietnam with me after planning it for a long time.  alas, not to be just now, but he said i should go over to bali with my perth friends at the end of july.  they are staying for only a week (i am not jealous of perth people being able to get such cheap flights or the fact that they are a mere 3 hours from bali).  he talked me into going so i'm all paid for and thankfully i purchased travel insurance as usual.  mt ruang in java as you may or may not be aware erupted recently and the ash is preventing planes from landing and taking off at bali airport.  oh dear!  i am not worried.  i travel on the 27th so i am sure that by then flights will be back to normal.  i feel so sorry for the many people who are unable to fly home.  they say it's better to be safe and that's true isn't it.  flying is stressful enough without volcanic ash to worry about as well.  here's hoping that those who are stranded over there can return home soon and those of us who are booked to fly can get there safely.  mt ruang indonesia


  1. That's wonderful F that you are going on a holiday....I know you love Bali...over to some warmth...have a wonderful time, safe journey when you in Dawrin..

  2. I hope you enjoy your trip and have no hassles with volcanic ash.


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