Wednesday, 22 July 2015

friends for lunch

maz and jean came for lunch yesterday.  we had a platter of tasty things.  and chocolate cake.  it's been ages since maz came over here, i usually go to her place for her fantastic roast chicken.  with lots of whole roasted garlic.  yum.  the nbn people are here again today.  that must be an enormous undertaking.  and expensive too.  it's taking forever.  they've been in our area for nearly a year.  i'm having a lazy day today.  i must post a birthday parcel to my friend in perth.  i hope i haven't left it too late.  i hope it's not too cold and wet where you are.  it's very cold and wet here.  i'm looking forward to some spring weather.


  1. Nice to have friends over.
    The NBN isn't in our street yet, have no idea when it will be...
    I believe it's went and windy at home too...
    Hope you are well.

  2. You are lucky to be getting nbn I don't think they will be here for years. Its nice to have friends for lunch another advantage of being retired.I too am looking forward to Spring but today wasn't too bad. I actually got in the garden for a short spell.


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