Friday, 21 August 2015


i got back from bali on friday last and it's been the week from hell ever since.  firstly i got sick over there and luckily the doctor gave me antibiotics to take away so i've finished the course and feel much better now.  my daughter has been coping with domestic problems all week.  i'm actually staying home today to catch up on washing etc as i've been up there everyday.  things have calmed down a bit so i'm hoping that that will continue and everything will be ok.  i had a lovely time in bali of course and both flights were good.  they put my flight home forward one day because of the volcano ash that caused more problems whilst i was away.  never a dull moment.  i managed to catch up with friends and bought the kids presents.  i purchased extra luggage coming home but didn't need it.  that's good.  next time i'll buy more luggage for the return trip when i book.  so hopefully it's all back to normal whatever that is :)  a few snaps from the homestay i found in ubud.  great place.  simple, cheap, clean and very easy to get to. the ride back from ubud on the other hand was the ride from hell.  i am lucky to be alive.  i've never travelled that fast in bali before.  i nearly bent down and kissed the ground when we arrived but thought better of it.  :) 


  1. Welcome home.
    Oh my, that's not good getting sick, but glad you have improved.
    I remembered you were going to Bali and wondered about the 'ash' and whether you would get home - you did in one piece.
    So you had a dreadful ride over there, we hear about these things sometimes., but you survived it, but no doubt shaken.
    Hope your daughter gets the problem sorted out, it's always a worry when things don't go according to plan....

  2. Jeepers! What a rough time you have had. I hope things get better and better! :-)


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