Friday, 10 July 2015

fish pond

hi everyone, i've been away from my blog for ages because of sickness and just being lazy basically.  i had an infection that just hung on and i think i'm finally getting better.  i had the flu vac again this year.  oh well.  my grandson anthony came over for a few days last week and he fed the fish for me.  i told him to only use a tiny bit but i didn't check on him.  yesterday, when i went out there, i couldn't see any fish.  the water looked awful.  there was uneaten food on the surface and i thought perhaps a bird had taken them all.  i had about 10..  not good signs at all.  the water has been a bit green of late.  anyway, i decided to take out as much water as i could and the further down i got the dirtier the water was.  i took some rocks out and made the mistake of kneeling down to make it easier.  i put two containers of fresh conditioned water in and it's still not full but i think i'll leave it like that for a day or two to settle.  when i bent down i couldn't get up again.  bugga.  my legs just wouldn't work.  i finally got up but have decided i need to do squats or something similar to build up some strength in my legs.  i was walking everyday (well, most days) before i got sick so i think it's time to start again.  i found the fish in the pond eventually and didn't come across any bodies.  i've put the electric pump in it for a few hours to help (i hope) clean it a bit.


  1. Glad you didn't lose any fish. I know about kneeling down and struggling to get up again. So sorry to hear that you have been sick for a long time. I hope you recover completely and get back to normal.

  2. thanks Diane, i'm feeling so much better. it's dreadful weather here atm so might not get a walk in today. hope it's nice and warm where you are :)

  3. Bugger how stressful!
    It is good to have you back!

  4. Hope you find your fish. My fish hide in winter, the water gets dirty but not to worry, spring and mine resurface, sorry to hear you haven't been well. Speedy recovery. I know what it's like bending down and trying to get up :) with me its age! Hate to admit that...
    Now in Katherine, arrived today been no mobile reception for a few days until now....Margaret

    1. hi Margaret, fish are still there or at least some them. i'll keep adding clean water in bursts. i am just about better now and it hasn't been serious so that's good. lots of it going around atm. your trip sounds really great. i guess mobile reception would be a bit iffy up that way. safe travels :)


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