Sunday, 17 May 2015


my son rang this morning coz he was having computer problems.  i hadn't been up long so it did my head in trying to help him. i got some washing done as it was a lovely sunny day with a nice breeze.  perfect for drying the washing.  i didn't get my walk in today either because my daughter rang this afternoon having problems with her flybuys.  she wanted to redeem some points for money off at the supermarket and was having trouble.  her internet is playing up atm.  i'm not very good at flybuys as i've only redeemed points twice.  it all worked out in the end so now all is well.  i just had a shower and used a sachet of rosehip oil i found in my bathroom yesterday when i was clearing out the drawers.  well, the oil was off and i had to have another shower to get rid of it.  yuk.  it didn't smell very nice at all.  it didn't have a use by date :)   i should have smelt it before applying.

i've probably blogged this photo of Caiden before but here he is again


  1. Well things didn't go the best for you today then...tomorrow is another day...I don't have flybuys...hope you are well...

  2. One of those days. Doesn't matter how old kids get they still need mum's help. Hope tomorrow will be better. I guess that was today.


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