Wednesday, 20 May 2015

catching up

i'm off to the library today to meet up with Maddie.  she used to be one of our many trainees and we've kept in touch.  i'll ring Lan at work in a minute and see if she can join us during her lunch half hour.  it was Lan's 50th birthday on monday and we all went to dinner on the friday night, Maddie was working so couldn't join us.  i 'worked' on monday this week and went to the genealogical society with my cousin yesterday.  i found a little bit of information and came home around 3.  it's a busy week again.  i don't know how i managed to fit in work.  :)
i'd rather be here as it's rather wet and cold in adelaide today


  1. Funny that how busy we can be at times.
    Happy belated birthday to your friend..

    1. i know M, everyone that i know who's retired says the same thing. bettter to be too busy than not busy enough i suppose :) hope you are well and keeping warm down there

  2. Me too how did we ever find time to go to work?


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