Sunday, 6 September 2015

fathers and chrome

happy father's day to all of the dads.  I have been busy with my daughter but I think (I hope) things are settling down slightly so that's good.  Ants enjoyed his party and the baby is over his infection.  cookie is back at school and her op next month has been scheduled.  i'm going up to the cemetery this afternoon.  I spent the day yesterday with maz and we had a nice visit. she is also waiting for a date for an operation.  chrome refuses to open on my computer and even when I delete it and reinstall it is still a no show.  pity coz I like chrome.  I will refresh the computer today and probably forget to save something before I do so.  it's very wet and windy here today which is a shame as I have lots of washing to do.  I have a meeting tomorrow night at the genealogical society or dead relies office  as my son likes to call it.  I can't get over how many people have had or still have the dreaded flu.  my son is not quite over it and two of my neighbours have it.  my friend shauna is luckily over it although annie got it too.  they are both feeling better now thank goodness.  oh well, this isn't getting anything done so I suppose I should get on with it.  enjoy your day wherever you are.  a few random snaps of bali because my holiday has come and gone so quickly.  it seems like ages ago that I got back. 


  1. 2 operations coming up. Hope all goes well for them both.
    Was windy here overnight and this morning....Port Augusta but a nice sunny day. Heading south tomorrow..

  2. That flu sounds bad down there. Touch wood neither of us have caught it yet. Bali looks relaxing.


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