Wednesday, 23 September 2015

double denim

i am making a fashion faux pas today me thinks.  i'm wearing my denim jacket over my jeans.  i know or care little about fashion so i'm not sure.  it could be back in for all i know.  i'm going to my favourite restaurant with Maz and Jean today.  and ...  they have lunch specials wednesday - friday.  and .... they are renovating so are currently closed on mondays.
my daughter is not out of the woods yet.  things are still not good.  i'll go up there again tomorrow.  i was at the hospital with her sunday night and the police station again on monday.  i slept up there when i took anthony home.  i will make up a little overnight bag and keep it in the car for the moment as i was totally unprepared and didn't even have a toothbrush.  yes, the horror of my first world problems.
i took my elderly neighbour to the doctor yesterday.  she was feeling a bit wobly so i thought it best for her not to drive.  she has had words with her friend and was upset about that too.  i think she has early dementia which is sad.  she's such a lovely lady and loves her garden although it's getting to be a bit much for her of late.
so that's all for the moment.  i have nothing exciting to tell.  enjoy your day wherever you are.
a random shot of bali i found on my computer recently


  1. As long as you are warm...
    Didn't know your daughter was in hospital...knew there were issues as mentioned in a previous post. Hope she recovers quickly now.
    Good of you to help your neighbour out ..
    Hope you are well..

    1. hi Margaret, daughter is home now. it will take a while for things to get better i think. it looks like a lovely day here but the wind is bitterly cold. i'm going up to see the kids later. hope you are well

  2. Oh dear, things have got hectic for you. Sorry to hear your daughter is not good. Well done for helping out your neighbour. We help each other out in our little group of houses.

  3. Hope your daughter gets better. An emergency bag in the car is a great idea! spare socks, toothbrush, headache tablets etc... As for double denim.. you can carry off anything if you have the right attitude ;-)


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