Thursday, 9 January 2014

everything hurts

cleaning doesn't agree with me.  i'm only half joking.  i was standing at the sink the other day not doing anything in particular when my shoulder popped.  my good shoulder.  heck it hurt.  i think it's because i lifted a really heavy load the other day and i've overdone the cleaning thing.  i've been scrubbing the kitchen and dining room floors by hand.  as a consequence everything else is hurting too.  my right arm is very sore.  i must rest for a while me thinks.  i'm going to a physio appointment tomorrow.  i hope it helps.  the weather since christmas/new year has been wonderful.  very mild.  that's about to change.  we are in for a heat wave and i can only hope that it is short lived.  i know, i know, it's summer time, what do i expect?  it was good while it lasted :)  other than that i've had computer problems (fixed now), i've been gardening a bit and the usual cleaning, sorting, boring and necessary stuff.  friends are coming over for lunch on saturday so i'm looking forward to that. oh, and i forgot, i've lost my glasses.  they have disappeared completely.  i've looked everywhere and even went through both rubbish bins yesterday.  it's a mystery but luckily i have a spare pair.


  1. Love the dog's paw. That must be annoying to lose your glasses. Hope they turn up. You are supposed to be taking it easy in retirement not busting your gut and shoulder cleaning. Slow down girl, take it easy.

  2. That is so cute, the dogs paw.
    Gosh, you have been working hard, and housework is not an easy task when we get older :)
    Hope your shoulder will be alright.

  3. dear Diane and Margaret, i will be ok i'm sure. i've been neglecting the housework for too long and now noticing things that need doing. i will catch up with it i'm sure. still haven't found my glasses though

  4. Hopefully your glasses aren't permanently lost and will soon show up.


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