Sunday, 12 January 2014


one pair of glasses.  i cannot tell you how relieved i am and just a little bit confused.  i spent nearly an hour yesterday in my bedroom looking for my glasses again.  i pulled the mattress up and emptied drawers.  nothing so i gave up and came downstairs.  i was sitting on the floor looking for a lost dvd (can you see a pattern here?).  i eventually found the dvd thank goodness but i happened to look over at the lounge and what do you know.  something was under there so i went to have a closer look and there they were.  i couldn't believe it because just the other day i tipped the lounge over and searched underneath it.  i've also felt along under the lounge several times before and nothing.  i was a little bit confused because they were easy to spot.  i blame ghosts myself.  no i don't, i don't believe in ghosts but it is a bit of a mystery.  so yes, i am very much relieved and a happy little camper.  Maz and Jeannie came for lunch yesterday and we had a lovely afternoon.  i made vegetarian pasta and a great salad.  we had wine and garlic bread.  :)  i usually go to Maz's place for lunch or we eat out so it was lovely to have them over here for a change.   all in all a very nice day. 


  1. Replies
    1. i didn't Stephen, i thought they'd disappeared forever

  2. You must feel relieved and yes thats what you do in retirement...have lazy lunches with friends.

  3. That's good those glasses turned up under the didn't see them before because you didn't have your glass on and the light wasn't right ! :)
    Nice to have a relaxing lunch - we do that, also at dinner time.


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