Saturday, 11 January 2014

cutting off my nose to spite my face

comes to mind.  i just purchased a laminator.  quite cheap and some sheets to go with it.  and i'll tell you why.  the other day i went into officeworks to get a sheet of laminating done.  i found some cuttings from the newspaper obituary columns in my photos.  also some birth notices etc.  i thought of getting them laminated to preserve them as some were quite old and yellowing.  the two girls who served me tried to tell me that they wouldn't laminate because a. they were too thin and b. i couldn't get them laminated straight onto a laminating sleeve because if they left a space around each one the two pieces of plastic would not stick together.  i was trained in the art of laminating at work years ago.  we had the little credit card pockets, the A3 size and the large poster size machine.  i think i know a little bit about laminating.  i thought the point of laminating was for those two pieces of plastic to stick together.  this is what laminating entails.  but what do i know?  so for a very small price i purchased the machine and did it myself.  crazy i know, i should have gone somewhere else, but, i can use it again for other stuff.   it's not entirely a wasted expense.  not entirely. 


  1. Goodness, wonder who taught those two girls.
    I don't know anything about laminating and I know for I have seen two plastic pieces stuck together.
    So good on you for buying one, and as you said you know what to do - you are a professional at that seeing you did it at your work and was taught.

  2. All I know about laminating is when I was a kid I'd place pretty leaves between two pieces of wax paper and run an iron over it. The was paper would melt together and preserve the leaves. This is as high tech as I get.


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