Sunday, 28 February 2016

a night out

not for me though.  i babysat Adina (well sat with Adina as she's hardly a baby at 27)  while my son, dil and a friend went to a fringe show.  they said they'd be home by midnight but were later as they went to the casino afterwards and actually won some money and then had trouble getting a taxi.  adina put herself to bed about 11.30.  i'm off for coffee with friends this afternoon and have a relatively relaxed week ahead so far.  only two appointments.  one is for a skin cancer check as it's been a year since i had it.  i might go back to the gym too because my foot although still sore is feeling much better.  i will make an appointment with the doctor soon.  i'm sure it's not broken just damaged.

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  1. Hope you get on ok at the Dr.
    Interesting toes painted!


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