Wednesday, 24 February 2016

my foot

i am having a foot xray tomorrow because i had a small accident yesterday.  a cupboard i have on the veranda fell on my foot when i was picking it up.  it's on the veranda waiting for me to restore it.  it's a very nice cupboard.  the doctor thinks it's not broken but i have tendon damage.  it is extremely sore and i am allergic to codeine.  :(  never mind, it's a small problem compared to all that's going on in the world.  and it's curable.  the cupboard is in terrible condition but i thought it would give me something to do to try and restore it or at least make it more presentable.  i forgot to say that if i were wearing my crocs it wouldn't be a problem but i had my thongs (read flip flops) on.


  1. Gee you must be painful. Hope nothings broken and the tendon if injured recovers quickly.
    Hope you are well apart from that.

  2. hi Margaret yes it's a bit sore but radiologist didn't see any obvious breaks so it's probably not broken. it should be right as rain in a week or so. i haven't seen the doctor yet but will make an appointment in a day or two. yes, other than that i'm good. i hope you and your family are the same

  3. Bugger! Gad to hear that nothing was broken and that you should be ok soon :-)


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