Sunday, 7 February 2016

a bit of colour

my hair has been natural for a while now.  so...  yesterday my friends came over and we had lunch, put some vintage books on ebay to sell, mucked around with a few other things and coloured my hair.  there were some packets of henna in the cupboard so that's what we used.  the colour turned out quite well, the grey in my hair, and there is more than ever these days, is brighter than the rest.  henna is a mess to get out, the shower looked like a murder had been committed.  red henna everywhere and it's gritty and plant like.  it came out eventually and the shower is clean again.  i had to change my white pillow case for a darker one as the colour comes out for a few weeks and there is a definite smell.  not unpleasant really, sort of plant like.  henna is supposed to be very good for your hair too by the way.


  1. Well you got up to mischief then :)
    The henna on your hair looks like mud, but what a beautiful result and a lovely colour...well done.


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