Tuesday, 16 February 2016


last week i bought a whiz bang microwave bacon cooker.  i don't eat bacon of course but my son and the rest of the family does.  i don't cook bacon very often and love my kitchen gadgets so i brought it home and invited my son over for bacon and eggs.  imagine my disappointment when the whiz bang bacon cooker thingy didn't fit into my microwave.  i didn't give fit a thought.  i just assumed.  today i took back the bacon cooker and bought instead a toast rack.  i must explain that i like my toast/muffins/crumpets etc slightly cool.  just so the butter doesn't soak in.  i am not alone with this as my friend from perth likes hers the same way.  snap.  anyhoo, i usually make a 'toast tent'.  my dad used to do it.  it's simply leaning each piece of bread/muffin etc against each other to cool.  sometimes the pieces fall over and it's difficult to get them to stay upright.  i can't wait to try it out
the bacon

my toast rack

a toast tent.  i was surprised to find pictures on google.  everyone laughed at me at work when i made one.  my dad did it every time he had toast


  1. What a pity about the bacon thing.
    I do my toast exactly the way you do...hate soggy toast.

    1. snap Margaret. there are a few of us there. lol


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