Wednesday, 9 March 2016


my son is at the hospital having a small procedure done and he's terrified of needles and hospitals.  i'm minding Adina.  he'll be fine but i'm feeling quite concerned.  my dear friend from perth is in hospital today have her kidney stones removed for the third time.  she has something going on with her kidneys.  the stones keep returning.  it's a painful op as afterwards she'll have a shunt inserted and that's the really painful part.  her daughter is an rn so she will get the best care once at home.  a trying day but it will be over soon and things will be fine.  i'm just about to get Adina some lunch.  


  1. It is a worry to have friends and family in hospital. But as the saying goes, "Worrying doesn't help." Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  2. Glad to read you are better after your fall. I hope both your son and your friend are ok.

  3. thank you guys, all coming along nicely. my son is getting better by the day and my friend in perth had her shunt out today and although she's still in hospital she is in the best place and should be home in a day or two if all goes well.


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