Tuesday, 29 March 2016

back to it

well, Easter is over and it's back to normal whatever that is. i took a cake down to the genealogy society that Maz gave me yesterday.  none of the women wanted to indulge so i hope someone eats it.  i left early coz it was doing my head in.  firstly i lost my family history program but luckily my data was still there when i reinstalled.  phew.  secondly, i found several people with the same name that i'm looking for.  so, i left and went shopping.  i'm home now and am trying to chillax.  there is so much housework that needs doing but i'm managing to ignore it for the moment.  Maz gave me a bamboo pillow yesterday and i looked forward to a nice restful sleep but it wasn't to be.  the pillow was most uncomfortable.  never mind, i'll put my old one back on the bed tonight.  sigh  oh good, come dine with me is on.  i love that program.


  1. You sound a bit stressed but researching family history can do that to you.

  2. A good episode of 'come dine with me', puts all my worries and stresses away as well :-) Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Oh gosh, thinking you have lost your tree can be rather dreadful. Pleased you found it all in one piece.
    I'm sure they ladies would eat the cake.
    I have heard bamboo pillars are not that comfortable, yet some people like them.


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