Tuesday, 15 March 2016

a windfall

no, unfortunately not on the lotto, but with the family history.  i have hit a dead end with my mother's father.  only his war record which is very good i suppose.  because he came from dundee and i only know the name of his brother information is difficult to come by.  simpson, you might as well say smith or jones.  the name is very common in scotland as you'd expect.  but, yesterday, for some reason my cousin said look at trove for my great great grandfather.  or should that be three greats, i'm not sure.  apparently he lived till 102 and there were numerous articles written about him back in 1910.  he lived a very interesting life and was a very hard worker.  he arrived on the santepore in about 1848 or thereabouts and settled at first in mclaren vale where he married my great great grandmother Mary.  she was his second wife.  and the best part is that today when i was at the gen. society i found a distant relative who was also their great great grandchild.  she has emailed me and has photos of their graves and other photos to share.  i don't usually say this about the family history thing but how exciting


  1. When i read the headline 'a windfall', I was about to become your long lost cousin! ;-)

  2. How wonderful you found someone when at a deadend. It's exciting to find out what country and why our Ancestors came to Australia.


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