Tuesday, 29 December 2009

my pornographic tshirt

oh dear. i went and saw the g/kids the other day. it was hot. cookie was sitting next to me and asked me what was coming out of the pants of that man on my tshirt. puzzled i looked down and nearly died. i bought the tshirt in bali years ago and it had a ethnic design on it. a woman in the centre and figures around the edge. one of the figures had the most disgusting penis on it. it was gross. how i didn't notice this before amazes me and to have my g/daughter ask me about it. i haven't worn it much (thank goodness). i've worn it in bali and just a few times here. needless to say it's in the bin now. just goes to show how sometimes we (read I) don't take much notice of everyday things.


  1. I wouldn't say a gross penis is an everyday thing. Trust a kid to notice details. Its really a very funny story. Just as well you didn't wear it to church.

  2. Yep kids will notice things we would rather them not.

  3. i wonder who else noticed and didn't say anything. ahhhh


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