Sunday, 27 December 2009


bad bad bad virus. bast*rd virus. i was looking at a gossip site of all things and clicked on a link when kapow there it was. a window saying my computer was infected. site/program was called live virus or something like that. nothing i did got rid of it. i couldn't open anything. nothing. at least i could shut down and reinstall which is the only way i could get out of it. honestly. what loser goes to so much trouble to cause so much inconvenience? it's ok now and i will be very careful about new sites from now on. two people at work have had major virus problems when their boyfriend and father were looking at a porn site. i don't know if it was the same site. they had to take their machines to the repairer to fix. nothing they did worked. ahhhh bugger.


  1. I had that happen today from a friends and relatives site, but my anti vrus program killed it thank goodness.

  2. i'm using avg. i suppose you get what you pay for. :) hope you are well.


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