Wednesday, 31 August 2011

spring is here

some garden photos inspired by Matthew's blog
the jasmine is chockers and came out in the middle of winter this year.  bit early but is smelling divine
some blossoms in the car park

happy daisies
lovely lavender.  the bees love it
i've had lots of violets this year
one of my faves.  purple bearded iris
nasturtiums. i got them really cheap coz they were practically dead. they are thriving now
orange and yellow
this is a scottish kilt.  i don't know what the proper name is.  my dil gave me a cutting from her plant which is huge and after a while this one has come out in flower and is doing well.  they are quite unusual and very pretty.


  1. Love them a nice way to cheer up bloggers I am feeling lifted by just seeing these photos.....

  2. Pretty blossom, beaut that spring is here :)
    Adore the -beetle-
    Brings back memories of my cousin and myself.

  3. flowers are very cheerful aren't they? glad you like them ladies:) i think most people have had experience with a beetle. they had one or know someone who did. :)

  4. Great pics... the blossom in the car park is quite nice! Your Jasmine is 'blooming marvelous!' (to steal a quote from Peter Cundall).

  5. hi Matthew. your pics are better but thanks. i miss Peter Cundall on the abc. i still watch gardening oz but it's just not the same. :) hope you are well

  6. Its not a competition ;-) i would like to think of 'different' rather than better.. I do quite like the blossom ! And they made me smile which I thank you for! As for Gardening Australia, sadly I cannot watch it anymore.. I pine for Peter Cundall and as nice as Steven is, I can't watch him... he is too nervous... I miss Peter's Confidence to just do and say, he and his attitude have inspired me so much in my own gardening :-)

  7. Yippee Spring is here. Love your flowers especially the scottish kilt.

  8. I can smell that Jasmine from here, you lucky thing! The Garden is just beautiful.


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