Saturday, 6 August 2011

it's the weekend

 China snuff box found on ebay. you'll never guess where the stopper goes.  #220823972038
 Indian man made up for festival
i'd like to be here.  love the surfboard.  :)

nothing much planned for the weekend.  expecting kids for lunch and ants is staying over.  i have to work tomorrow.  kill me now.  i've been on the council desk all this week and i'm over it.  crazy, hectic, busy and stress filled days.  i just came back from a walk.  it's freezing out there but i'm nice and warm now.  enjoy your weekend :)


  1. Keep warm and have a nice weekend after work...ugh...

  2. Hope you had an ok week tomorrow has to be better than last week!

  3. yes, another monday morning. here's to a good week for everyone. :)


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