Saturday, 20 August 2011

new toy = happy son

son and his partner sharlene
michael, sharlene and adina

i just came back from a trip to happy valley (other side of adelaide, you practically need a cut lunch it's so far) with son's new volksie.  well it's hardly new as it's over 40 years old.  he's very happy as you can see from the photos.  his partner has the white one.  i have to sit in the back, which is surprisingly comfy, if a bit cramped, coz Adina refuses to sit in the back.  it needs a bit of work (not surprisingly) but it's not in bad condition.  i quite like the colour


  1. Sawasdee ka *-*
    I come to visit you blog naka

  2. hi Lily, nice of you to visit.

  3. They have "Bettles" I love them even though they are old they are great cars and still very popular.........

  4. hi Jo-Anne, yes they are still popular after all these years. the kids like them today. they are considered retro. lol

  5. Our wedding "going away car" was my husband's brother's beetle, lovingly called the Dak Dak because of the engine sound. Luckily all the tin cans tied to the bumper muffled the dak dak dak sound as we drove away from the wedding reception!

  6. Cindy that's a gorgeous story. dak dak. love it. it's running a bit rich atm. the fumes in the back seat make me reach for the puffer. :( he's getting it looked at soon. it's a cutie. hope Jess is feeling better by the day.


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