Tuesday, 9 August 2011

some images that cheered me up today

i'm very tired and sick of work. i know, me and everyone else who has to work for a living.  it's so busy lately.  ahhhhh.  i am about to settle down and start the census.  i won't tell you what i think of it and the millions of $ it is costing.  blah blah blah.  i am annoyed because on thursday, which is supposed to be my day off, i'm doing some useless training and have an appointment in the afternoon.  oh well, c'est la vie. i asked if i could have the wednesday off instead but we are too short staffed.  yes, it's unanimous, i hate work  :)

lovely sea view
 fabulous wardrobe.  it wouldn't suit most homes i guess.
 teacup rings.  oh, i love these.  they are on etsy but have been sold :(
 my sister gave me one of these fantastic bracelets made out of old forks.  mine isn't quite as fancy as this one and don't tell anyone but it's not really very comfy to wear
a lovely painting entitled china rose

and last but not least is this cute little snoopy ring.  i like :)


  1. You sound like you need a holiday in Bali

  2. hi Diane. yes that's exactly what i need. a holiday. bali would be great but just a week off would do me the world of good. :)

  3. Some Great Images..
    The great Australian Sickie is a tradition that needs to be revived with much gusto!
    It is a gift :-)
    plus a 'mental health' day might just be what the Dr ordered ;-)

  4. Matthew. love it. a mental health day. i'm going to use that one :)


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