Sunday, 3 January 2016

before i forget

let me belatedly wish you a very happy and healthy new year.  i hope it's a good one.  once again i've been a bit slack re the blogging.  what with christmas and new year,  so many of my daughter's possessions filling up my small house and my grandson staying with me for nearly a month, it's been go go go.  firstly, my daughter finally got a house.  it's a small three bedroom which is a little difficult because the house she came from was a large four bedroom with two living rooms.  as you can imagine there is stuff everywhere and she is in a bit of a mess.  things have been busy and i've decided that although i don't make new year resolutions this year i've decided to spend more time on me.  look after myself more and be nice to myself.  easier said than done no doubt.  i just came back from my daughter's place.  we went out to lunch and i saw the kids.  they went shopping yesterday and spent their christmas money with their grandmother.  they bought mostly clothes and got quite a lot for their money.  so let 2016 begin, i'm ready.  :)


  1. Happy new year! I like that you are going to focus on yourself more this year. You deserve it :-)

  2. Happy New Year to you.
    Pleased your daughter has a house..and time for yourself, that's really good..

  3. Good move. Spend time on yourself.


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