Saturday, 30 April 2016

i'm tired

i had a lovely day with the girls and miss Lan.  we went out for lunch, came back and planted some plants the girls brought over.  then we went to an open house inspection around the corner.  modern house, 3 bedrooms on a small block.  they managed to fit everything in beautifully.  i loved it.  after that we went for a walk through the cemetery.  we often do this.  it might sound strange to some i suppose but we like it.  it's a peaceful walk and nice gardens in one of the oldest cemeteries in adelaide.  oh well, everyone has gone home and i'm just about to have a shower and heat up some of the pumpkin soup i made yesterday and go to bed.  i have a few movies to watch and might catch up on some downton abbey episodes.  i'm up to series 4.

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  1. I don't mind walking through cemeteries either. Interesting to read the headstone.
    Finished Downton Abbey on Netflix and watched on TV too.


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