Wednesday, 6 April 2016

coffee times 3

i joined my son, dil and a friend for coffee this morning and had a nice visit and then i met the girls for more coffee.   i try to have less than 3 coffees a day and i've been drinking decaf after 2pm in the hope that i'll sleep better.  i think it's working as i'm having less nights when i can't get to sleep which is good.


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    1. yes i'm guilty of that Diane. lol. non of that instant stuff for me.

  2. So many people seem to not sleep well when partaking in coffee and tea after a certain time in the afternoon.
    I hardly have a coffee, have tea about 2 a day and can drink just before going to bed....guess I'm lucky on that one.

    1. it's definitely helping with the sleeping Margaret. i always say i should drink more tea. my mother was a tea drinker. there was always a pot of tea on the go. yes, you are lucky in that it doesn't affect your sleep. :) hope you are well

  3. I am trying to not have more than 2 coffees a day, but it is hard.


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