Thursday, 21 April 2016

thongs for my 'special' feet

i recently bought a pair of slappas.  they are thongs which are orthotic and supposed to be very good.  my friend from perth recommended them.  i can't remember if i blogged about them,  i think i did.  i've been trying to wear them in but my feet are 'special' and it's never easy to buy shoes let alone comfortable ones.  i had to soak them in hot water and then put them on to 'mold' them to my feet.  i must say i don't find them terribly comfy.  i have a pair of croc thongs that i've hardly worn.  they are more comfortable but still not the best.  i got a pair of rivers thongs and they were ok.  the best thongs i ever had/have are flojos.  they are very good quality and have a nice thick sole while the straps are leather and nice and soft.  i wore them in a muddy paddock once and i thought they'd be ruined but they washed up beautifully.  they were on special at harbour town years ago.  a lot of people can't wear thongs on their feet because of the bit between the toes but i have a huge big toe and the gap is wide so i'm good with thongs.  when i say my feet are 'special' i am not exaggerating as that's what my podiatrist calls them except that he is not as polite.  i wear orthotics in my shoes normally.  my daughter in law loves havaianas which are also expensive.  apparently in ubud, bali when the yuppies (is that still a word) go into their yoga classes and leave their shoes at the door the havaianas often get stolen.  then they put a post on fb and ask for them back which i suppose for the price they pay is understandable. 
rivers thongs 


my favourite flojos


  1. Know what you mean when you say 'yuppies' :) that word is just fine.
    Thongs, oh gosh, easy to walk in once but not so easy there days. I too have crocs but haven't worn as yet - next holiday for sure.

  2. I can never find comfortable ones anymore. I used to wear them all the time when young but my feet have grown special too.


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