Thursday, 28 April 2016

it's all in the eye

i spent yesterday at the hospital waiting.  lots of waiting.  i went to my optometrist yesterday morning because i have a 'floater' and have been experiencing flashes of light.  the optometrist sent me to the hospital straight away as he was concerned about a detached retina.  as i have cataracts it was difficult for him to see into the back of the eye with the equipment at hand.  well, thank goodness, i do not have a detached retina but a condition caused by age.  the jelly inside my eye has thinned and is causing the problem.  i go back in six weeks which is good because i was too braindead yesterday to ask many questions.  i waited four and a half hours to see the specialist.  it was a very upsetting day all round but i feel much better today.  onward and upward.


  1. Weird things happen to our bodies as we get older, things just don't work like they used to do :)
    I have floaters in the eyes and have had them for years.
    Waiting to see a Specialist, it can be a long wait sometimes even if they are Private Specialists.


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