Wednesday, 23 November 2011

new family members

i bought four fish today.  and a snail.  and some fish tank plant.  i will give 1 fish to cookie for her room.  i hope they survive a while.  the snail is supposed to eat the left over food from the bottom of the bowl.  they can eat Dustin's food so i didn't have to purchase more food.  they are quite active atm.  we will see.

yucky photos and please excuse the clothes peg.  it's to stem the flow of air as it's too powerful for the little bowl.  i'll get a proper stopper thingy soon.

My friend Mazzy just got back from a weekend away and is sick with asthma.  she asked me to buy some binoculars from ebay the other day so i did.  no problem.  she posted the money monday and posted it to the wrong address.  dayam.  it may go back to her coz she put her name and address on the back.  it was in a christmas card.  let's hope so.  too much money to lose.  i went down to the number she addressed it to but there are units there.  hopefully it will all be ok. i know about sending money in the post.  never a good idea.

i was standing at the sink tonight peeling vegies and all of a sudden a lovely bowl with lemons in it fell from on top of the microwave onto the stove/bench.  it was a very nice bowl.  blue chinesey pattern on it and it was quite thick. broke into a hundred little pieces.  another dayam.  oh well.  a tiny little bit spooky.

 i've been closing the bathroom door at night now and haven't seen any more 'lights' on the ceiling. so that's good.  Mazzy said it's a ghost.  a visitor.  omg.  my sister is logical like me and thinks that it's the security lights in the cemetery yard.  no problem.  i'm back at work tomorrow after five days off.  that's going to be hard but it's a short day.  :)   my sister is coming tomorrow arvo.  she's having an mri on her back at the hospital tomorrow and going back to the pain clinic friday.  she's also coming to my work dinner friday night with me.  all good.


  1. Ah! Glad you closed bathroom door, that seems as if it has kept all things at bay.

    I like watching fish..enjoy them.

  2. whiteangel yes, i haven't seen it since. makes sense that it was the security light. fish are very active and nice to watch. relaxing. they are hungry little things

  3. I get the spooks reading your posts.


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