Sunday, 13 November 2011

a concert

my son and family gave me front row tickets to see k d lang tonight.  wow.  she's wonderful in concert, we went to melbourne on a tour bus (small) to see her many years ago.  i have to work until five and then will come home and change etc etc.  i'm excited  kd lang in adelaide tonight

kd lang


  1. WOW!! Looking forward to hearing about the concert! :-)

  2. hi Matthew. i'm sure it will be fab. i'll post about it when i get home. :)

  3. She is talented but my husband doesn't like her and will complain when we hear her music.....but he is the type of guy who will complain about the things I like........

  4. As I type this you are at the I sure hope you are enjoying it :)

  5. I LOVE her voice! It is absolutely awesome!
    So how was the concert????

  6. How lucky for you.
    I love her voice and "I am Woman"


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