Monday, 21 November 2011

i was scared. very scared

i was trying to sleep and turned over in bed to face the upstairs landing. there were lights on the ceiling as if someone was moving a torch around.  maybe downstairs.  omg.  this is my biggest fear (except for snakes, sharks, mice, rats and celine dion's voice (kidding).  i live alone and always think about stuff like that.  anyhoo.  it lasted a few (probably) seconds and i sat up and put the light on.  i didn't hear anything.  my little heart was beating like a drum.  the pulse in my ears was deafening.  i went into the landing and didn't see or hear anything.  for some reason, i don't know what, i went downstairs.  brave or stupid.  the later i think.  nothing looked out of order.  doors were locked, windows were locked.  curtains looked as i left them.  tv wasn't missing :).  so i went back upstairs and called my son.  we talked for about half an hour and by now it was 1:30 am.  he rang off and i laid down again thinking i'd keep the light on.  i turned it off after a while and laid there hoping it wouldn't happen again.  eventually i fell asleep and woke up way too early feeling like death warmed up.  i finally went back to sleep and slept till 9.  i rang in sick today.  i didn't want to but i felt awful.  my thoughts are that it may have been the security light in the cemetery yard outside the bathroom window.  i can't explain why the light was moving around.  that's my only explanation except that it could have been someone in the backyard shining a torch through the glass door.  i hope that wasn't the case.  the only thing out of sorts outside this morning was a planter near the hole in shade cloth out the back was slightly leaning over.  this could have been like it before or not.  i don't know.


  1. Oooower that is scary. It sure sounds like someone sniffing around. They must have made a noise that woke you. Can you get security lights outsde that come on when movement is detected?

    I hope it wasn't a visitor from the cemetery. Hope you sleep well tonight.

  2. ekkk sounds scarey and crap!!!
    I would have called in sick as well.

  3. Oh my, that is scary for you. Hope you are ok tonight..and like Diane, I thought of a visitor from the cemetery..:)
    Take care.


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