Sunday, 4 December 2011

oh no

1 little fish died this morning.  he's been looking a bit seedy lately. the others look ok.  i should put some of that blue medicine (my word) in the bowl.  the snail is active and healthy.  i had the kids for the weekend. i'm taking them back soon.  everything is good except that my house looks like a bomb hit it.  nice weather which is unusual for adelaide.  i hope you enjoyed yours.  :)


  1. Poor fish.. I hope the kids were traumatised by the fish's death :-)

  2. oh my, fish do have a habit of doing that. it's sad when one goes to fish heaven.
    Ah, children's mess..happy clean up then but nice to have them.

  3. ekkkkk... obviously a typo on my behalf.. as i hope the kids were NOT traumatised.....
    glad i checked back in on your blog....:-)

  4. of course i knew what you meant. it's ok. they really weren't that upset. i guess they didn't know him long as they did Dustin. we got quite attached to him. rip Dustin.

  5. Nothing like kids in the house to mess it up. Poor fish. Don't feed them too much.


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