Saturday, 10 December 2011

happy saturday to you

well it's the weekend again.  where does the week go?  busy time of the year isn't it?  i've had a mixed week.  mostly all good.  i bought a second hand laptop for the g/children when they are here.  it's a toshiba and i think i've got it working quite well.  bit of a gamble isn't it?  seems to be ok even though someone has deleted the restore partition.
i've booked our plane tickets and insurance for bali in may.  i've finally heard back from the hotel and have asked for the room we want.  i hope it's going to be ok.  my friend from perth is going to bali, KL and vietnam in a few weeks or less.  that's exciting.  i'd love to go to vietnam.
i'm going to meet the kids for lunch later on and ....  i'm working tomorrow.  *sad face*  it's been quite wet here which is lovely.  we had some hot weather but now it's much cooler with a shower or two which is ok by me.  oh, and i think i've killed my tomato plant.  it's looking very sad.  on a positive note, no more fish have gone to fishy heaven and i've fixed the pump regulator thingy with a stylus the kids gave me.  the blue tack didn't work.  messy i know, but it works


  1. Nice to know you had a good week :)
    The laptop sounds ok...that is kind of you to buy second hand one :)even if new it can be a gamble sometimes.
    Good to know your fish are ok.
    We have gold fish outside in pond.

  2. Glad the fish are doing well. My neighbours love Vietnam, they go every year. They just spent 5 weeks their. It is so cheap.


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