Wednesday, 28 December 2011

just a catch up

i had the kids over for christmas a day early, which is something we often do.  we had a nice dinner and then opened presents and that was crazy.  kids were excited and it was great.  very noisy.  i went to wallaroo to visit my sister and her family on christmas day.  i came back yesterday and was pooped but had a great sleep last night so feel much better today.  i may go to a friend's house for a very quiet new year's eve.  i usually stay at home.  then, i go back to work on the 4th of january.  fish are ok atm :)

i found some old photos on the phone.  this is benni when she was little.  my favourite grandcat
i'd like to wish you a very happy 2012.  be safe, healthy and happy


  1. I bet the kids loved opening their presents as children do.............hope you enjoy you New Years Eve

  2. hi Jo-Anne. yes of course they did. they're a bit older now but still love presents. :) i saw your photos. your g/kids look like they enjoyed it too

  3. Well an exciting Christmas for you. That's great. Hope you have a good year ahead.

  4. Hi Yevisha,
    hope you have a great 2012 as well!!!
    keep up the blogging :-)


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