Sunday, 18 December 2011

the bug run

we went on the bug run this morning.  about eighteen cars in all.  weather conditions as you can see from the photos were interesting to say the least.  visibility was down to about twenty metres.  rain and fog (actually low cloud).  we went from burnside to mt lofty summit.  i don't know how long the trip was.  the conditions were amazing.  we couldn't see anything.  on a clear day you can see all of adelaide from the summit.  at night it's a gorgeous view.  i went with my dil and g/daughter whilst other g/daughter and g/son went with my son.  we had our own little convoy.  we met the other members for coffee inside when we arrived which was nice.  dil had a problem on the way back.  no wipers, brake lights and something else (i'm not sure what, maybe indicators).  she thought it was a fuse but seems it's something more.  hopefully she can get it fixed soon.  i had the kids for the weekend.  as usual, the house is a mess and i'm pooped.

adelaide from the summit on a clear day

getting ready to go

a nice little collection of vdubs.  ours are the white and yellow ones


not the best conditions to drive in

visibility not much

we arrived

on the way down.  we took a wrong turn and came home the long way.  yay


  1. Sounds like you had a fun day in more ways than one.
    Nice that you could join in with the young folk.

  2. some nice pics.. as for the 'bug run'... how fun does that sound???

  3. Loved the photos, I have always loved bettles they are such wonderful cars.....sounds like a great time was had


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