Sunday, 5 July 2009


i bought another handbag today. i know i shouldn't as goodness knows i've got too many already. i should go through them and donate some to the goodwill shop but somehow i never get around to it.
the g/children just went home. we had a casserole for lunch (daughter's fave). we went shopping and my wallet is a lot lighter. they keep me poor. hahahaha. my daughter vacuumed for me. thank you daughter, and, although the floors are cleaner the house is messy. i should be cleaning instead of blogging but there's that excuse again. procrastination is my middle name.
i got a gustuv klimt poster print the other day. it cost a bit more than i would have liked but i put it on layby and now it's on my wall and looks really good. so, i'm glad i got it after all.
we went to pondok bali friday night and had a wonderful meal. i love their food. the chicken is my favourite. crispy, succulent and very spicy. yum.
there you go, the weekend is almost over, back to work tomorrow. it will be monday again before we know it. kids are on holidays so i hope i can spend some time with them.

btw. what's up with blogger lately? every time i use it (almost) it crashes. is anyone else having this problem or maybe it's just me. i'm reinstalled xp again.


  1. Handbagaholic. You sound like my daughter. You filled in your weekend busily. I'm lucky I have finished work again for a while. I can go back to being retired again

  2. Diane, retired sounds good although in my case i can't afford to retire. yes, way too many handbags and the thing is you can only use one at a time. moderation isn't really my thing. i try. enjoy your free time. :) Fran

  3. My daughter Natasha would buy a new handbag every couple of months if she could afford it,she had a large collection but I can them away a few months ago as they where just siting in a box in the shed.

    So we both have the same middle name "procrastination" wonder how many other bloggers have the same

  4. Seems you had a great time with your family. I could do with a new handbag, will have to buy one as I only really have one then I don't have to change all my stuff from one purse to another. So colour I have goes with most colours I wear.
    I too have trouble with some blogs crashing, and I am using Vista/Windows 8, but I also have on my other computer XP and Windows 7, both crash or certain blogs.

  5. Yes, I need a new handbag too.....Well I feel better after reading your blog as after and during the grandchildren my place is like a bomb has hit it......and I do not worry too much and am just as likely to read a book in amongst the chaos as turn on a vacuum cleaner. I need to wind down and get my head in order after the full on holiday time so I NEED to relax and not do housework...Therapy he he

    Klimt loved painting gold and sex...well sort of....symbolic sex with all the stars and things so an artist friend once told me. I do hope he was not pulling my leg, the artist friend that is..... All I can say if gold and stars represented the above he must have had enjoyed the physical side of his life. I do enjoy his paintings.


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