Tuesday, 11 August 2009

i've lost my ring

down the couch. have spent most of the day looking for it. taking the arm off the couch and the cloth under thingy. moved it around the lounge room with son's help. heard stuff move with it. found a ring i lost ages ago, a noodle, a peg, a smartie, millions of beads, a paper clip, the lapis lazuli (spelling) i lost about two years ago but alas, not the diamond ring. i'm upset of course. the ring is not valuable except to me. it's got a lot of sentimental value. couch is in need of repair now or rather putting it back together. i'm in the process of cleaning the lounge room which is way over due. you should have seen the dust behind the couch. shitty day really, but, considering what some people have to face everyday nothing to complain about too much. had a great holiday and will post more about it later. i've got to go back to work next monday so am trying to catch up with stuff until then. my son bought lunch around today. felafel wraps. delish. he's on a detox thing for ten days and doing quite well. he's never eaten very well, doesn't eat much veg or any fruit. he's been having strawberry shakes etc and i'm quite proud of him. i could do with a detox as have had lots of takeaway since coming home. i've reinstalled windows so computer is going along nicely, now all i need to do is find that bloody ring. ahhhhhh


  1. Your photos show you a had a good time. I especially like shot 340. You must put some on the blog. Hope you find your ring.Check inside the vacuum cleaner.

  2. thanks Diane, i will put some up soon. guess what? i found the ring. it fell out of the couch when i pushed it back to vac. yay. now i just need to put the couch back together. ahhhh. but it's all good. :)

  3. Doesn't it sucks when you lose something of sentimental value I hope it turns up sooner or later. I haven't been around much this month just not been feeling up to it.

  4. Amazing how much dust can accumulate....I have way too much in the nic nac department and have given up with dusting...
    Hope you found the ring....
    I should detox myself but i`m not one for eating fruit and veg...


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