Tuesday, 2 March 2010


procrastination is my middle name esp. lately. i've been sitting here on the net each night doing not much of anything really. i've been meaning to sort out my kitchen drawers at least but nothing accomplished. go through my clothes. nothing. my son is coming over tomorrow for breakfast and we are going to cut down the hedge/creeper thingy on the front fence. it's an australian native but it's really just a fancy potato vine. boring and looking really awful atm. there's a lovely star jasmine next to it that could do with a prune. it will make it grow bigger and better (i hope). i noticed i have four tomatoes on the bush the other day. four. but i'm not getting excited coz they simply don't get enough sun and will be horrible. i've really noticed a touch of autumn in the air of late. lovely and cool mornings and evenings. good sleeping weather.


  1. I think Procrastination is in all of us I'm afraid! I'm trying to be more organised, and make notes on the calender and diary to keep me ahead of the game! I'm finding coffee a big help, but at the moment it's so daarn hot coffee is out! (We've had 41C + for a few days, then 39s, 38s and a cool humid 35 today - when is Autumn starting?)

    I've been gardening by the full moon as it's too hot through the day!



  2. I belong to that club too. I write lists of things to do but rarely cross off any.

  3. hi Cindy. yes i'm afraid there's a lot of it going around atm. can't live without my indonesian coffee. very nice and it does help. Diane, lists. my life is full of lists. i have them everywhere but usually leave them at home when i shop. i need something around my neck at all times. esp in bed. that's when i get all of my good ideas. then promptly forget them in the morning. *sigh* :)


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