Thursday, 26 May 2011


you should see my bedroom.  the absolute worst part of a holiday is the unpacking when you arrive home.  as bad as i am at packing i'm even worse at unpacking.  my sister does it immediately which i'm convinced is the way to go.  i've lost important papers and sis and i have each other's dvds.  i hate coming home from a holiday.  the weather is a shock to the system.  beautiful weather in bali.  swimming weather.  in adelaide freezing.  at least it's nice to see some rain.  i've been a bit lazy and have just hung around catching up with things.  last night i tried to recreate honey ginger chicken.  i had it a few times at a warung  in bali and it was delish.  mine was ok but just not the same.  today i will clean and sort.  get some washing in.  i thought i had to go back to work next monday but it's actually the 1st june.  that's good.  big work dinner on monday night.  thirty of us are going.  and i just heard that a work mate has retired.  life is change.  enjoy your day peeps


  1. I've been watching the freezing Adelaide temps on tv. My mother in law just returned there after a week here in Perth. She's in Kensington Park and is feeling the chill!

    Hope you're finding the return to Everyday Life not too traumatic.



  2. hi Cindy, yes too cold. all is getting back to normal slowly. i have to go back to work next wednesday. ahhh hope all is well with you :)

  3. I am one who unpacks when she gets home from a holiday straight away I like to get dirty clothes in the wash and things straighten out.......Now my brother and his wife returned from a trip to Melbourne on Wednesday night and I was over at their place this morning and their bags are open laying on the lounge unpacked I could do not that it would make me feel

  4. i hear you Jo-Anne and i checked out the tissues today. mostly white with one packet of blue on offer. when did that happen? :)


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